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GSP® Glass Sandwich Panel

GSP® – wall, insulation, glass surface

GSP® paves the way for cost-effective and attractive building envelopes in glass for retail and office projects. The customization options can turn such buildings into distinctive architecture with eye-catching elevations, easy recognition and an unmistakable identity. In addition to the variety of design options, GSP® ensures warm-warm transitions to the window and façade frame profiles of system partners.

Excellent U-value

With U-values of up to 0.13 W/(m²K) in the opaque range, GSP® provides optimal insulation scores compliant with passive-house standards.

Glass up to 16 metres

GSP® is available in two qualities: float and low-iron glass. Owing to its especially good colour rendering, low-iron glass is excellent for light-colour printing. Following edge working, full-coverage printing is applied to level 2 of the 6 mm heat-strengthened glass by means of a suitable printing method (ceramic digital printing or roller-coater printing).

With GSP® arise glass façades with insulation and laconic forms.

Weather-resistant printing

Characteristic lettering, logos or other corporate design elements can be applied to the building envelope. Roller-coater printing is the cost-effective method for applying single-colour, full-coverage, opaque ink finishes. Digital printing is suitable for complex, multicolour motifs and colour gradations. Screen printing is available for repetitive motifs and pane sizes of up to 6 metres.

Ceramic inks form the basis for the very hardwearing printing on the glass to create a weather-resistant, scratchproof, non-fading surface.

Digital printing (left), roller-coater printing (right)