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 Alternative to Glass

CSP® Composite Sandwich Panel

For base and parapet areas, CSP® Composite Sandwich Panel is an ideal solution - and an alternative to GSP®.

With CSP® is a 3-in1 product consisting of a serial sandwich panel with structurally bonded surface material, e.g stone or fibreboard, without mechanical retainer.

In combination with GSP® CSP® creates interesting changes of material within a façade. The robust façade panels are particularly suitable in heavily frequented areas at ground level, e.g. delivery.

Stone or fibreboard

CSP® is available with various surface materials: 

  • Stone, e.g. Dekton®: max. formats up to 3,200mm
  • Fibreboards, e.g. Trespa®: max. formats up to 4,270mm

CSP® is installed with tongue and groove connection and concealed screw connection.


Product Data

  • Thickness basic panel100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm
  • Fire classification acc. to EN 13501-1B-s2, d0 | hardly inflammable
  • Panel lengthDekton®: 400mm - 3,200mm | Trespa®: 400mm - 4,270mm
  • WeightDekton®: approx. 36kg/sqm - 41kg/sqm | Trespa®: approx. 23kg/sqm- 28kg/sqm
  • Element jointingTongue and groove connection
  • Airborne sound insulationApprox. 33 dB
  • U-value0.25W/(m²K), 0.21W/(m²K), 0.18W/(m²K), 0.16W/(m²K), 0.14W/(m²K), 0.13W/(m²K)
  • SurfaceStone, e.g. Dekton®: 8mm | Fibreboard, e.g. Trespa®: 6mm
  • ColoursAll colours of Dekton® or Trespa® palette

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