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 LED effects
 Illuminated joints

GSP® lumen

GSP® lumen is an add-on for glass sandwich façades to illuminate the joints.

Illuminated building envelopes characterise the nightly appearance of cities and municipalities and transform every building into an eye-catcher. The attractiveness of an LED façade is particularly suitable for hotels, retail and commercial buildings and increasingly for office buildings.

Joint-integrated light strips

GSP® lumen sets the scene for entire GSP® façades or parts of it. For this purpose, a linear LED light strip is inserted between the individual GSP® elements to illuminate the joints.

GSP® lumen is available in RGB or white light

Product Data

  • Width light gapMin. 12mm
  • LED light bandRGB light, white light

Contact person

Contact person

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heiko Mertel
Managing Director

Phone +49 821 2494 317