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 Universal adapter frame
 Independent of material or manufacturer

GSP® multiframe

The design of a façade results from the use of the building. Opaque and transparent surfaces are combined to create a functional building. According to the use of the building GSP® is installed vertically (V) or horizontally (H) and transparent openings are integrated accordingly.

The glass sandwich façade can be combined with GSP® multiframe or other systems. Frame sections are used to integrate all window, door and façade systems.

Fits every window

GSP® multiframe simplifies the connection between GSP® and every opening system with depths of 75 mm to 95 mm. Aluminium windows as well as plastic or wooden windows can easily be connected to GSP®. Customers benefit from extensive flexibility in the construction of glass sandwich façade.

GSP® multiframe consists of two matching frame profiles. The inner frame [1] is clamped on the panel, the matching counterpart (clamp frame) [2] is pushed in and then both parts are screwed together [3]. The respective window profile independent of the manufacturer can be inserted [4].  The load transfer is handled via supports to the substructure.

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