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ISOshade® - Insulating glass with integrated sunblind

ISOshade® is an insert element for façades and combines protection against sunlight, heat and noise in one compact unit. ISOshade® is an insulating glass unit with a factory integrated sun protection system. The unit consists of triple glazing and a sun protection system in a cavity – a venetian blind with 60mm or 80mm slats or a vertical blind.

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The ISOshade® façade is a closed double-skin façade that function is based on building physics principles. Usually, closed double-skin façades use an energy-intensive pressurized air supply or a ventilation system: Compressed, dried air is distributed through a pipe system to manage condensation in the cavity.

The cavity within ISOshade® conditions itself via a volume-dependent system. This eliminates the need to purchase, install and build any ventilation or piping system, and at the same time reduces operating and life cycle cost.


Product variants

Benefits at a glance

  • Standard, tested element
  • Sun protection system protected against weather effects
  • Protection against condensation
  • Control of incoming light
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Compatible with all façade systems and openable elements
  • Installation by approved metalworking companies
  • Requires little maintenance, easy replacement

Clever pressure compensation

The ingenious concept is based on a sealed cavity. A special pressure compensation system maintains the permissible climate loads in the cavity. A maintenance free system ensures that the pressure in the cavity is kept at a permissible level. In other words: The cavity within ISOshade® conditions itself via a volume-dependent system. For further protection against condensation, the spacers are filled with a desiccant.

With this simple and auto-conditioning functional principle, ISOshade® fills the gap between the Closed Cavity Façade with external ventilation and an insulated glass façade with external sun protection. 

Element for high-performance façades

ISOshade® is handled like insulating glass and installed as a complete product in mullion/transom or unitised façades.

The glass make-up (heat-strengthened, toughened safety or laminated safety glass), interlayers and coatings are specified to suit individual performance requirements. Depending on the glass make-up, ISOshade® provides U-values up to 0.6 W/(m²K), g-values of 8% and airborne sound insulation values up to 52 dB.

Two product versions are available




Principles pressure compensation

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