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 Insulation glass unit
 Venetian blinds

ISOshade® RS

Integrated venetian blinds provide maximum flexibility in controlling daylight. ISOshade® RS with rotatable slats provides individual light control and creates a pleasant room climate. The slat width is 60mm (ISOshade® RS60) or 80mm (ISOshade® RS80).

ISOshade® RS is not only providing solar and visual protection thanks to infinitely variable, rotatable slats, but also provides additional energy savings through reflection.

The venetian blind is integrated in the cavity and directs heat, light and energy into the room regardless of weather conditions and according to requirements. The individual setting of the venetian blind allows an ideal daylight control - optimal for high-rise and office buildings.

Thanks to its auto-conditioning principle ISOshade® RS can be installed without piping or external ventilation. Thus the ISOshade® RS façade is also suitable for smaller objects. A high degree of prefabrication opens up numerous application possibilities. Designed as an unitised façade, large construction projects can be glazed quickly and efficiently with ISOshade® RS. This saves installation time and, above all, energy costs. 

Advantages of integrated venetian blinds 

  • Protected against weather effects
  • Requires no cleaning
  • Use regardless of the weather
  • No wind noise
  • Easily accessible via maintanance flap

Product Data

  • Glass make-up RS60Heat-strength. glass/cav130/hsg/cav12/hsg/cav12/hsg, low-E coating, argon filling
  • Glass make-up RS80Heat-strength. glass/cav150/ hsg/cav12/hsg/cv12/hsg, low-E coating, argon filling
  • Sun protection systemVenetian blind (Warema E60 flat slats, Warema E80 flat slats/beaded slats/Genius)
  • Weight≥ 90 kg/sqm
  • Sound reduction index Rwup to 52dB
  • Ug-valueUp to 0.6 W/(m²K)
  • g-valueUp to 0.08
  • Frame colour in cavityAnodised C0 (aluminium), anodised C35 (black)
  • Colour of spacer in insulating glassSilver or black
  • FoggingAcc. to DIN EN 1279-6 and ift VE-07/2


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