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Black glass elevator

10m high glass elevator

July 3rd, 2019.

A 10 m high elevator tower made of black GSP® elements is a design highlight of the modern headquarters of office chair manufacturer Topstar. With GSP® PUR100-H, a variant with minimal wall structure was chosen for the elevator cladding. The 114 mm thick element provides the glass, wall and insulation in one product. A total of 19 GSP® elements with lengths of up to three meters were installed horizontally.

GSP® as advertising space

The homogeneous glass sandwich façade is used by Topstar as an advertising space. According to the company's CI, Topstar chose black. The glass surface is enamelled in the production process using a roller printing process. As a result, the GSP® elements are weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and light- and adhesion-resistant. Logos, graphics and lettering can be permanently applied to GSP® by digital printing process. In order to be able to exchange advertising messages at varying intervals, the current company slogan "Move your life! was applied with an adhesive film. GSP® also provides the optimal basis for this. Adhesive films adhere excellently to the glass surface and can be removed without leaving any residue. 

Glass elevator

Glass elevator is used by Topstar as advertising space.