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A rethink for industrial and commercial buildings

Ideal applications for GSP®

August 19th, 2021.

GSP® paves the way for cost-effective, attractive building envelopes in glass for the commercial sector, e.g. factories, shopping centres, cinemas and supermarkets. The customisation options can turn such buildings into distinctive architecture with attention-grabbing elevations, a high recognition value and an unmistakable identity.

The ideal applications are buildings with large surfaces, buildings where it is desirable to combine higher architectural and design demands with the advantages of modular construction. GSP® is ideal for use wherever a building has a communicative purpose or is best left invisible. The building can be understood as a medium for corporate design elements, or its reflective surface can allow it to merge into the landscape. Just imagine a utility building against a background of mountains, a school sports hall, a factory building for a brandoriented company or a retail complex in an urban environment.

Wherever aspirations, benefits and costs come together, GSP® represents a good solution.

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