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Live demo of the DigitalTWIN Use Case with ISOshade®

That’s how tomorrow's façade monitoring could look like

October 11th, 2019.

For building operators, continuous monitoring and early detection of faults and damage in order to carry out maintenance work in a targeted manner is of particular interest. With the DigitalTWIN sensor technology, which is integrated into some ISOshade® elements as, conclusions can be drawn about changes due to weather influences, deviating individual states or critical temperature and humidity conditions. But what exactly does a digital application for façade monitoring look like? What does a facility manager or service technician see when looking through virtual glasses and what maintenance tasks can he perform directly via the application? DigitalTWIN is answering those questions in a first demo of Use Case 1 with ISOshade®.

Arranging a for live demo

The short version of the demo is available here. To experience the live demo of the Use Case please contact iconic skin for an appointment at the iconic skin.lab (Gutenbergstr. 7, 86386 Gersthofen, Germany). DigitalTWIN will also be showing the demo at various events, including digitalBAU in Cologne (11 - 13 February 2020). 

Sensor technology as a showcase use case

The sensor technology is a Use Case 1 of the DigitalTWIN research project and a milestone, as the required system architecture and important micro services for the networking of objects and metadata as well as their visualization are applied. In the further course of the research project, this architecture will be transferred to other applications, supplemented by additional end devices such as laser scanners and 3D printers, and shown in more complex application scenarios between planning, production and assembly on the construction site. 

In order to provide easy-to-use user interfaces for the building operator and maintenance staff, a cloud cluster architecture based on platform technologies will be used to enable online and offline scenarios. Currently, iconic skin's built-in ISOshade® sensor technology in the component can be used as an example to retrieve information on the condition, to detect changes via time series analyses and to operate the solar shading system via the digital model. Intuitive user interfaces display the status of the façade in real time: Maintenance traffic lights, for example, report when limit values are exceeded as a warning or alarm. In addition, the warnings and alarms are transmitted to the integrated HoloLens as tasks for the defined roles of facility manager and maintenance engineer.

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