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Online lecture: Latest development in double-skin façades

ISOshade® in 25 minutes by Heiko Mertel, Managing Director iconic skin

April 28th, 2020.

The combination of the double-skin concept with unitized systems made current typologies of double glazed units possible. Two concepts are mainly discussed especially in high-profile markets: Closed Cavity Façades (CCF) adopting the concept of pressurized multilayer ETFE-foil cushion constructions and Self-Conditioning Façades (SCF) using the concept of pressure relaxed insulated glass.

Both concepts were formed by available technological solutions. The necessary technological effort for CCF and the extended design efforts for SCF can be avoided by relying on a simpler and modular glazing typology, which is the result of current developments for the next generation of double-skin façades. 

Learn more about the pros and cons of different double-skin façade concepts in Heiko Mertel’s online lecture.

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Ventilation concepts of double-skin façades. ©iconic skin

Ventilation concepts: CCF, SCF and ISOshade®. ©iconic skin