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Successful certification according to DIN 2304-1

iconic skin meets the highest quality standards for bonding processes

February 24th, 2020.

iconic skin has been successfully certified according to the quality standard DIN 2304-1. The certification was carried out by TC-Kleben, an authorised training institute and service provider in the field of adhesive bonding. The certification confirms the expertise in the field of bonding applications and guarantees customers the highest quality. iconic skin thus meets all organisational and infrastructural requirements for bonding processes with the highest safety class (S1). The production process was certified, including all necessary preparatory measures and necessary control and monitoring activities. The certification according to DIN 2304-1 also covers on-site bonding for repair and maintenance purposes.

Quality standard for bonding technology

DIN 2304-1 creates a uniform standard for bonding processes and defines general measures for the high-quality realisation of bonds. The production lines of iconic skin are optimally designed for the production of adhesive connections. GSP® and ISOshade® are produced in Gersthofen in compliance with the highest quality standards. The production hall has a clean room in which ISOshade® is manufactured. The specialist bonding personnel is appropriately trained. 

Quality control at iconic skin.

iconic skin's products are produced in compliance with the highest quality standards. (DIN 2304-1). ©iconic skin