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Highest bonding competence confirmed

iconic skin certified according to DIN 2304-1, the quality standard for adhesive bonding processes

Gersthofen, February 26th, 2020.

iconic skin, manufacturer of components for glass façades, has been successfully certified according to DIN 2304-1, the quality standard for adhesive bonding processes. Adhesive bonding technology is at the heart of iconic skin. One of the company's offerings includes GSP®, a sandwich panel featuring a structurally bonded glass pane without mechanical protection. This certification confirms iconic skin’s ability to meet all organisational and infrastructural require-ments for bonding processes with the highest safety class (S1). All façade products are produced in Gersthofen in compliance with the highest bonding standards. The certification also covers on-site bonding for repair and maintenance purposes. 

“Adhesive bonding technology is as much a part of modern façade construction as welding technology. This is partly due to the durability of the bonded joints and partly to the increasing demand for homogeneous SG façades. We supply suitable façade products with GSP® and ISOshade®. Certified quality and safety are indispensable in this field,” says Nicolas Wachter, European Adhesive Engineer at iconic skin. “DIN 2304-1 creates a uniform standard for bonding processes. This certification not only confirms our expertise in the field of bonding applications, but also guarantees customers the highest quality.”

Increased process reliability

To date, only a few companies are certified according to the bonding standard. DIN 2304-1 is linked to DIN EN ISO 9001 and subsequent standards and defines general measures for the high-quality realisation of bonds. iconic skin's complete bonding manufacturing process, including all necessary preparatory measures and necessary control and monitoring activities, has been certified. 

Designed for bonding

iconic skin has already proven its high bonding competence by obtaining the general building authority approval (Z-10.4-674) for GSP®. GSP® is the first construction element to be approved consisting of a serial sandwich panel with structurally bonded glass pane (without mechanical retainer and without glass supports). With the serial production of GSP®, the foundation for the successful certification was laid. 

Production lines at the Gersthofen site are optimally designed for the manufacture of bonds. The production hall has a clean room in which ISOshade® is manufactured. Personnel are trained accordingly. Currently, iconic skin employs an European Adhesive Engineer, an European Adhesive Specialist and an European Adhesive Bonder.

Press Contact
Verena Simon
Marketing Manager
Phone +49 821 2494 – 303

The production of iconic skin ist certified according to DIN 2304-1.

iconic skin's production is designed to meet the highest requirements of bonding manufacturing processes, e.g. for GSP®. ©iconic skin

Nicolas Wachter, EAE at iconic skin. ©iconic skin

Nicolas Wachter, European Adhesive Engineer at iconic skin. ©iconic skin

Example for adhesive bonding competence: GSP® facade on Austrian supermarket.

The glass sandwich façade made of almost 15-metre-long GSP® elements on the Eurospar Kufstein shows bonding competence in application. During production at iconic skin, approximately 14.72-metre-long panels were structurally bonded to a serial sandwich panel and thus became the GSP® structural element. ©iconic skin/BECKERLACOUR

Canopy made of GSP®

Highest safety even with bonded overhead glazing. ©iconic skin

Structural bonding of an ISOshade® facade

The vertical joints between the ISOshade® elements at the Diocesan Museum of St. Afra were bonded with a silicone joint at the construction site. ©BECKERLACOUR