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Warm façade as highlight

iconic skin presents design diversity of Glass Sandwich Panel at BAU 2017

Gersthofen, December 13th, 2016.

BAU is the world’s leading trade show for architecture, materials and systems. At the 2017 event (Munich, January 16-21 2017), building elements manufacturer iconic skin will be presenting the use of its revolutionary Glass Sandwich Panel GSP® as a warm façade. Real eye-catchers on the company’s booth (hall C2.111) will be the colourful exhibits and examples of applications using 7 metres high GSP® elements mounted horizontally and vertically. Two new products from iconic skin will be on show: GSP® multilam, an element with a scales look , and GSP® lumen, which has integral LEDs. In addition, sample libraries will show details such as a structural glass corner and various options for connecting to the systems of partners Hueck and Schüco.

New at trade show: GSP® multilam and GSP® lumen 

When it comes to façade design, GSP® offers almost unlimited options. The iconic skin booth will have various printed versions of GSP® on show in shades of blue, super-white and bright orange. Besides glass surfaces, visitors will also be able to see alternative finishes such as stone. One of the highlights at the trade show will be the newly developed GSP® multilam with its scales look, which results in changing façade effects. This new product was created by adding two or three angled panes of glass to a sandwich panel. The other innovation, GSP® lumen, has bright LEDs incorporated in the joints.

A façade with character

A special GSP® exhibit at BAU will show just how a building envelope can create an identity. Digital printing has been used to print a shoppers motif on an element that will be installed on the façade of the new Media Markt store in Dortmund in early 2017. On this project iconic skin is supplying 202 GSP® modules directly to the building site. One of the specially fabricated transport frames will be on show at the fair. This is iconic skin’s answer to how elements up to 16 metres long can be delivered.

System partnerships for homogeneous building envelopes

The first cooperative partnerships between iconic skin and system manufacturers Hueck and Schüco will also be presented at the trade fair. Using adapter frame sections, it is possible to combine GSP® with conventional façade systems and integrate opening elements. The sample libraries will demonstrate options for connecting GSP® elements to the various doors and windows of both system partners, including homogeneous structural glazing surfaces or visible frames, post-and-rail junctions and tilt-and-turn lights with integral sunblinds. GSP® is designed to be compatible with all systems and therefore can be used to build homogeneous, cost-effective structural glass façades using SG adhesives.

A new façade technology – the glass sandwich façade

The iconic skin development team conceived GSP® as an open system, which means that intelligent glass sandwich façades can be created by combining opaque and transparent elements.

GSP® is suitable for various types of loadbearing structure. All the advantages of GSP® can be exploited when using it as an opaque façade on framed buildings. However, in the form of an insulating element with a glass surface, it can be used to clad solid masonry or concrete structures as well. GSP® is also ideal in conjunction with structural glazing, façades with individual or rows of windows and post-and-rail arrangements. GSP® from iconic skin therefore presents many options for highly efficient and economic façade solutions for a whole range of building types, e.g. in the retailing, office, hotel and education sectors.


Real eye-catchers will be the colourful exhibits of applications using 7 metres high GSP® elements