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Office, retail and industrial buildings

BRUCHA, Michelhausen (AT)

Office building in black elegance

650sqm of shiny midnight black glass sandwich façade adorn the headquarter of BRUCHA. 175 GSP® elements were installed to expand the office and factory buildings. The windows are flushly integrated to build a homogeneous façade. The 8m long corner elements were implemented with several panes on one panel. Due to the slim wall construction of GSP® PUR140-V, the employees inside the building benefit from a lot of space and bright rooms. External noise is reduced to a minimum by the airborne sound insulation of the panel. For maximum comfort, the inner sides are covered with a plasterboard wall.


  • Architect-
  • Metal-construction workerBrucha
  • System partner-
  • GSP® area400 sqm
  • GSP® PUR140-V175 pieces
  • Max. panel length8 m
  • PrintingBlack (RAL 9005), Ceramic roller-coater printing
  • U-value0.18 W/(m²K)

Office and commercial building

CASS CUBE, Gersthofen (DE)

Office and commercial building

Topstar, Langenneufnach (DE)