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Office, retail and industrial buildings

CASS CUBE, Gersthofen (DE)

Smart architecture for office building

Visible from afar is the black glass sandwich façade of the CASS CUBE in Gersthofen's business park. The distinctive façade of the new office building was built with 470 black GSP® elements. In combination with HUECK Lambda WS 075 recessed windows, an elegant and economical glass façade was created for the KFW 55 efficiency house. An overhanging glass pane of the GSP® elements conceals the fixing of the external sunblinds. Due to the planning in a 1m grid, a cleverly planned substructure and lengths of max. 5m, GSP® fully exploits its cost advantage compared to a wall construction as a cold façade. 


  • ArchitectArchitekturbüro Haas
  • Metal building partnerEngelbert Fürst Montagebau
  • System partnerHUECK
  • GSP® area844 sqm
  • GSP® PUR140-V470 pcs
  • Max. panel length5 m
  • Ceramic printingBlack (RAL 9005)
  • U value0.13 (W/m²K)

Office and commercial building

CASS CUBE, Gersthofen (DE)

Office and commercial building

Topstar, Langenneufnach (DE)