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Office, retail and industrial buildings

Eurospar, Kufstein (AT)

A supermarket that shines

This supermarket is an ideal example of how to use a glass sandwich façade. The GSP® elements, up to 14.72 metres long, enclose the sales and storage areas and frame the large mullion/transom façade. The reflections in the glass are stimulating and create new impressions all the time. As an opaque element, GSP® closes off storage areas and the printed glass surface can be designed according to corporate branding. In terms of construction standards and energy-saving measures, the building is platinum-certified based on the specifications of the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNI).


  • ArchitectTeamwork Architekten
  • Metal-construction workerBrucha
  • System partnerSchüco
  • GSP® area640 sqm
  • GSP® PUR120-H120 pieces
  • Max. panel length14.72 m
  • U-value0.21 W/(m²K)
  • PrintingSuper-white (RAL 9010), ceram. roller-coater printing

Office and commercial building

CASS CUBE, Gersthofen (DE)

Office and commercial building

Topstar, Langenneufnach (DE)