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Office, retail and industrial buildings

Factory security building, Munich (DE)

All-glass cube

Flat surfaces, minimal joints, perfect connections and expressive minimalism characterise this glazed façade. Many functions are integrated almost invisibly into those features, tuned to the special needs of this factory security building. Some three quarters of the 170sqm façade is fitted with GSP®. Ceramic roller-coater printing was used to give the glass panels a light grey colour. The structural glass look of the façade corners, the stainless steel plinth and the concealed parapet round off the purist aesthetics of the design.


  • Architectuns architekten
  • Metal-construction workerseele
  • System partner-
  • GSP® area130 sqm
  • GSP® PUR100-V60 pieces
  • Max. panel length4 m
  • Printing processLight-grey (RAL 7035), ceram. roller-coater printing
  • U-value0,25 W/(m²K)

Office and commercial building

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