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Office, retail and industrial buildings

sedak, Gersthofen (DE)

Economy and aesthetics

An extension to a production building belonging to sedak GmbH & Co. KG is impressive proof of the benefits of an efficient, modular glass sandwich façade. A total of 360 GSP® elements measuring 4,50 x 1,00 m, which require no additional mechanical retainers, now form a homogeneous façade around the extension, which provides a further 5,000sqm of floor space.


  • Architect-
  • Metal-construction workerBernd Zienert Stahl-/Metallbau
  • System partner-
  • GSP® area1,360 sqm
  • GSP® PUR-H360 pieces
  • Max. panel length4 m
  • Printing processSuper-white (RAL 9010), ceram. roller-coater printing
  • U-value0,25 W/m²K

Office and commercial building

CASS CUBE, Gersthofen (DE)

Office and commercial building

Topstar, Langenneufnach (DE)