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Creating a glass sandwich façade with GSP®

Glass sandwich façades stand for modern façade design. Outstanding design, high performance and short construction times make the glass sandwich façade the façade type of first choice for office, retail and commercial buildings. GSP® combines glass, wall and insulation in one construction element. Consisting of a serial sandwich panel with structurally bonded glass pane, GSP® provides optimum insulation properties and attracts with impressive of design. In combination with common window and façade systems, homogeneous glass sandwich façades are created from one cast.

Building glass façades with a strong character

GSP® offers planners and architects almost unlimited possibilities in façade design. Flush windows, recessed connections or polygonal arrangements are easy to implement with GSP®. In addition, characteristic lettering, logos or other elements of corporate design can be applied to the building envelope in a weather and light-resistant manner. A façade with an eye-catching guarantee! Visit our iconic skin lab. and learn more about the design and application possibilities with GSP®.