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Research & development

Product development

Creativity and know-how are important skills to bring together the complex technological aspects of a façade and characteristics relating to building physics of a façade in one simple and cost-effective serial product. For this purpose, a team of engineers, designers, structural engineers, glue engineers and glass experts is constantly working on the optimization of our glass sandwich façade solutions as well as on new products.

Our team is not only working on the design and development of GSP®, but they also make sure we receive all the necessary approvals for serial products.

Tests & approvals

The performance of GSP®  is intensively investigated through testing. Therefore iconic skin has a number of in-house testing environments to test the façade system early in the development process. iconic skin works with independent test laboratories to receive approvals, certifications and test reports.


The following tests are covered for new products:

  • Air permeability
  • Driving rain impermeability
  • Wind resistance
  • Fire classification
  • Impact tests
  • Cyclic load
  • Load tests
  • etc.