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Digital ISOshade® twin

Insulating glass unit to be included in DigitalTWIN research project

January 31st, 2019. Use Case 1 of the DigitalTWIN research project focuses on software-based façade monitoring. Within the scope of the research project, selected ISOshade® elements will be fitted with precise sensors that constantly measure the temperature and humidity in the cavity between the panes. All measurements and test data obtained are transmitted wirelessly to allow calculations for the building to be carried out in real-time by way of edge cloud and cluster computing technologies.

By using a digital twin for ISOshade®, it will be possible to check the potential for usage-optimised, targeted maintenance. Temperature, humidity and air pressure will be recorded and compared with values based on experience and simulations in order to enable more effective maintenance depending on usage. In addition, the detailed weather data records can be used for facility management functions.

Developing the basic functionality of the digital platform (hardware links, rights/roles management, data privacy/security) is therefore the aim of this Use Case. The evaluation algorithms will be installed on the platform over the year, and the implementation of the first specific services for maintenance support demonstrated on the 3D model with AR technologies.

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